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Put an end to Payroll Pain 

Avoid time-consuming payroll anomalies, re-runs and adjustments 

Any payroll employee knows that when an organisation is running on manual processes, disparate reports, paper-based timesheets and out-dated technology, mistakes are going to happen. These are costly mistakes, because they take time to find, query, fix and reconcile and result in lost productivity. They have “soft” costs in terms of employee frustration and dissatisfaction. Too many instances of payroll errors, especially on a large scale, can land a company in hot water resulting in fines and negative media coverage. 

In the midst of a $50m renovation, with plans to grow from 200 to 500+ staff over five years, amusement park and tourist destination Gumbuya World knew it needed a workforce management solution that wouldn’t let its payroll team and employees down. 

Among other business priorities, Gumbuya World went looking for a solution that would ease award interpretation, automate time and attendance, ensure greater accuracy in terms of the data that is fed into the payroll system, reduce payroll error and improve compliance. 

Once they found RITEQ and began working through their requirements to understand the possibilities a best in breed workforce management solution could offer, they began to realise there were more benefits than they’d originally thought. 

Michelle Jacobs, Head of People and Culture, at Gumbuya World said that “RITEQ took the time to understand their business. RITEQ consultants could then identify problems and solutions Gumbuya World hadn’t thought about themselves.” 

“What we didn’t factor in was the amount of time we had been spending actually looking at and fixing anomalies in staff salaries,” said Jacobs, “what a pain point that was for payroll and for the business, and what it would mean to fix that problem.”

Payroll pain looks like this:

The payroll is run. Employees receive their pay.

Some of them quickly raise the flag that they have been paid for less time than they have actually worked. They may be missing half an hour here or there. 

These anomalies must be checked and verified one by one. If the data has been captured via manual processes and data entry points, there are numerous checkpoints to examine. 

Once you verify what adjustments need to be made, then that has to be reflected in the next week’s payroll, which adds time to the regular payroll run and means ensuring you add the appropriate amounts where required, while trying to get the new week’s payroll right. 

All the while the payroll team is faced with a complex award interpretation task plus various types of employees and contractors to manage accurately. The time-consuming headache of pay anomalies is an unnecessary challenge in an already tough job. 

No more payroll anomalies for Gumbuya World

“We don’t have that problem at all anymore,” said Jacobs, “because we opted for RITEQ’s Employee Self Service (ESS) portal. Our staff have the opportunity through their ESS to actually view what’s been approved within the system and then query it before we even go to payroll. We can now ensure they are being approved for actual time in attendance.”

“Thanks to the ESS, RITEQ’s automated award interpretation solution and the fact that data is integrated between the workforce management solution and our payroll software,” she said, “we’re paying our employees what they are owed. It’s accurate. It’s correct. There aren’t any anomalies after the fact.” 

Check out this testimonial video to hear more from the  Gumbuya World Team on the benefits of a RITEQ workforce management solution (RITEQ WFM) such as:

  • Time savings and productivity improvements
  • Ease of implementation
  • Flexibility of the solution
  • And more
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