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Focus on NDIS funding line revenue for client based support activities

The NDIS is a major social reform that will deliver a national system of disability support focused on the individual needs and choices of people with disability. By allocating funding
for disability services to people with disabilities rather than to service providers and by introducing individualised funding packages, the NDIS will ensure that people with disabilities enjoy far greater choice and control.

RITEQ is committed in engaging with our clients (service providers) to assist them with the evolving landscape. Service providers that become an employer of choice will have an edge in the battle for the NDIS dollar in that they will attract and retain the best carers and clients. RITEQ recognises these challenges service providers will face and as such places consultation before product to provide a total solution to improve bottom line performance. RITEQ’s best of breed workforce management solution will provide the assistance
the new NDIS World requires.

Improve efficiencies and productivity - drive improvement through the implementation of new processes backed up by powerful and intuitive software modules.

Budget planning – a total workforce management solution automates processes at every level while combating areas of exposure to high labour costs, enabling you to make confident financial decisions and meet your business objectives.

Ensure compliance – introduce consistency of business processes in the areas of adherence to budget, time keeping exception handling and absence management.

Customer service levels – improve by managing over/under staffing and ensuring that the right skilled workforce is in place when it is needed.
Striking the balance between labour costs while still maintaining customer service is a major challenge for service providers. Furthermore, these challenges are compounded by the need to enforce budgets and staffing requirements, adhere to labour laws & staff contract requirements as well as employee satisfaction.

NDIS Support Category Structure

RITEQ WFM functionality allows disability service providers to create up to 3 user defined levels for the NDIS funding model. Clients are allocated to required support categories and associated support activities. The activities can then be allocated the cost to be paid for each support item.

Customer Support Allocation

Through RITEQ WFM functionality, service provider managers are able to allocate support activities performed by the employee for the clients to the scheduled or worked shift.
This allows to real time labour cost vs revenue reporting to be viewed and reported on. In workforce management terms this relates directly to the deployment of staff to meet the client needs and the controlling of labour costs relative to the NDIS funding codes.

Labour Forecasting vs Budget

RITEQ WFM scheduling model allows for labour forecasting to be directly referenced against the NDIS funding. In relation to improved efficiencies and cost control the RITEQ scheduling
solution is able to warn or even prevent the publishing of a roster should the labour cost KPI of all carers exceeds what is being received by the service provider in NDIS funding.

RITEQ Workforce Manager (WFM) represents the next leap in evolution of Workforce Management Solutions. The rich functionality and intuitive usability of the system provides
unsurpassed visibility and control of your entire workforce. RITEQ’s philosophy of starting with the end in mind has influenced every feature and function of the system, ensuring
access to vital information in real-time and the ability to accurately forecast metrics well into the future.


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